Legal Notice

Mandatory information to be mentioned in the legal notice:

  1. 1. Corporate identity:
      1. Business number – CBE number (= Crossroads Bank for Enterprises).
      2. Trade name.
  1. 2. Details:
      1. Company’s geographical location (no postbox!).
      2. Phone number, fax number and email address (when available) so that the internet user can contact the company and communicate with it efficiently.
      3. Commercial office address (when different from the head office) where the customer can file a complaint. If the company acts on behalf of a third party (e.g.: e-commerce representative for online sales of products on behalf of another company), the identity and contact details of both companies must be mentioned.
      4. Contact details of possible mandators.
  2. 3. Extra-judicial commitments (if need be):
      1. If the company adheres to a code of behavior (e.g. BeCommerce), it must be mentioned and made available.
      2. If the company is subject to supervisory authorities (FSMA, College of Pharmacists, …), it should be mentioned as well. The Privacy Commission is the most frequent case when personal details are being processed for purposes other than the strict enforcement of the sales contract.
      3. If the company is subject to such supervisory authorities, the possibility of having recourse to an extra-judicial complaint and redress mechanism must be indicated, as well as the access arrangements to this procedure, if need be.