Environmental policy

Office Furniture Supplies, founded in 1994, is a family-run business involved in the import and export of second-hand office equipment, mainly all brands of photocopiers. OFS has been selling equipment throughout Europe and to part of the rest of the world since 1994. OFS sources its supplies from multinational companies, wholesalers and suppliers across Europe, all of which comply with the requirements of ISO 14001.

The second-hand sector extends the useful life of office equipment and reduces wastage of resources. 

OFS is keen to play its part in the development of environmentally responsible business, for which reason OFS management has chosen to implement an environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and to ensure its continuous improvement in compliance with the legal and other requirements applicable to our activities.

OFS management has undertaken to assess its environmental impacts continuously

and reduce negative impacts in all its activities – and in particular to prevent pollution – at every stage from the collection of office equipment purchased through to the organisation of its onward shipment to customers. 

OFS management will approve an annual programme of actions, based on our policy and our most significant impacts, that will enable all our employees to improve our environmental performance.

OFS will work to raise the awareness of all its employees of the need for strict compliance with the environmental measures adopted as part of the EMS, and in particular the provisions made to ensure the sorting of waste.

Working hand in hand with our suppliers, customers and partners, we can achieve higher levels of environmental protection, and in particular a reduction in waste. 

OFS will be open to any new opportunities to encourage environmental protection measures in our field of business.

OFS management has given the Environmental Coordinator the resources and authority required to take this environmental policy forward, strengthen the EMD and plan improvement actions effectively The scope of the Office Furniture Supplies Environmental Management System includes the following activities: Collection, transport, storage and shipment of used office equipment. The company does not make any repairs.The EMS applies exclusively to the Company’s operating site and premises reserved for operation.

For more information: See our website: www.office-furniture-supplies.com

Rebecq, 27/09/2021

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